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Bespoke Massage Gun 3.0

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BACKORDER – please note these guns are on back order and have just landed into Tauranga Port. We will be getting all back orders dispatched over the next two weeks!

Introducing our newest state of the art Bespoke Massage Gun – version 3.0 (yip you read that correctly, we have up-graded our 2.0 model!). This beauty uses percussive massage to give your body a deep tissue sports massage anytime, anywhere. Get your hands on this amazing piece of technology which is used globally by elite athletes and weekend warriors to enhance warm up, recovery and performance.


Our 3.0 branded gun has been specifically spec’d and designed by our Senior Bespoke Physiotherapist Kendall. We have increased the voltage on the motor and battery (from 12v to 25.2!) to ensure that it delivers on power and force production. This upgrade also significantly increases its ability to hold its charge – with an average operating time of 6 hours per charge, increases its stall force production (from 15kgs to 30kgs) as well as increasing the percussion volume per minute (from 3,000 up to 4,200). These improvements have resulted in greater blood flow stimulation, greater penetration depth and a stronger treatment effect when compared to our previous models.


The benefit of percussive therapy are endless. Research supports the use of our Bespoke 3.0 percussive massage guns to increase blood flow, improve tissue flexibility, increase joint range of motion, increase muscle temperatures, reduce scar tissue, release muscular trigger points and reduce muscle related pain.


Massage guns have increased in popularity over the last year but we cannot stress enough that not all massage guns are created equal! As with any of our Bespoke products, they are trialed in clinic by our highly qualified physiotherapists and we stand behind them 100%.


Whats in the box?

  • Black Bespoke Massage Gun 3.0
  • Charger suitable for NZ and Australian power outlets
  • 6 interchangeable massage heads
  • A built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • A heavy duty carry case
  • Dimensions: 18cm * 23.3cm and LCD display 7.5cm


Technical specs

  • 24 volt brushless motor
  • 25.2 volt lithium battery (double the power of most other guns on the market!)  with an operating time of up to 6 hours per charge
  • 12 month warranty
  • 30 adjustable speed levels
  • LCD touch screen display
  • Advanced noise reducing technology 40-45 decibels
  • Up to 4,200 percussions per minute
  • Rapid recharge times
  • LED light battery indicator
  • Shatter resistant body armor
  • Light weight device weighing in at 0.85kgs
  • Force production of 30kgs


Still sitting on the fence? Be sure to give our sample gun a trial in clinic!



Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg

Black, Matte Black