About us:

we promise exclusivity, quality care,
uniqueness and superior results

At Bespoke Physiotherapy and Health, we understand how important optimal health is and we are completely committed to providing you with the highest possible level of quality care. We don’t just want to set the bar, we want to raise it which is why all of our therapists go above and beyond to ensure you can get back to living your best life. Our collaborative approach to health care acknowledges the diversity that exists in todays day and age along with the uniqueness of each individual case. To conquer this diversity, we have an amazing and experienced Bespoke Tribe that offer a wide range of services, expertise and classes which we can tap into as required to ensure you reach your full health potential.

We have pulled out all stops and dialed in the dream team to help you every step of the way. Our Bespoke Tribe features musculoskeletal physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, Pilates instructors and yoga instructors. All of the members of our Bespoke Tribe have the highest levels of expertise in their chosen fields. Our collaborative approach uses the best evidence-based practice and allows our Bespoke therapists to work together to create a personalised and comprehensive body care plan that is unique to your individual needs. We call it the Bespoke Way.

We take our name Bespoke seriously. You won’t find us franchising out and being a run of the mill practice – instead we promise exclusivity, quality care, uniqueness and superior results. We live by our name and the values that it represents. You get one life and we want you to live it well!

Our 5 core values

Our 5 core values


At Bespoke Physiotherapy and Health, we live by the Bespoke way. We understand the diversity that exists in day to day life and we acknowledge that no single person is the
same. We carry our Bespoke attitude with us where ever we go and we love assisting our
clients and staff with their unique health needs.


Balance is a core life value and shapes a lot of what we do here at Bespoke. We understand the constant shift of equilbirum that exists in our busy world and we
work hard to maintain an optimal work/life/health balance. We acknowledge that a good balance reflects positively on all aspects of our wellbeing which is why we strive to achieve it.


Empowerment is an important quality that each of our valued Bespoke Tribe members possess. Empowerment allows us to deliver a great service, to be accountable for all of our actions and to progress in all aspects of life by achieving great things with strength and confidence.


Our growth mindset is was sets us aside from the rest. We set audacious goals and work hard to achieve them. We thrive for greatness and are always looking at ways we can progress, develop and grow.


Our final core value is Tribe. The Bespoke Tribe acknowledges the importance of collaborative team work to achieve optimal health outcomes. We back and support each other no matter what curve balls life throws at as and we work hard to ensure we
create the best possible environment and culture for all of our staff and clients.

Meet the Tribe

Kendall Stevenson
Physiotherapist & Company Director

Kendall Stevenson is the creator/dreamer behind Bespoke Physiotherapy and Health and is a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

Kendall was born and bred on the beautiful East Coast town of Gisborne and is a lover of all things to do with the ocean. Kendall relocated to the sunny Bay of Plenty after gaining her Physiotherapy Qualification in 2010 from the Auckland University of Technology. Over the last ten years Kendall has been refining her physiotherapy skills in Tauranga in both the hospital and private practice setting which has provided her with a wide range of experience and knowledge. Kendall has been fortunate to work with some amazing National and International sports teams and she is currently the lead physiotherapist for the Womans Black Ferns 7s Development Team and the Black Fins – NZ Surf Lifesaving Team.

Kendall is a self proclaimed geek and agrees that her university study is more credible than her terrible jokes. In 2012, Kendall gained her Post Graduate Certificate in Western Acupuncture and went on to complete her Masters Degree. In 2015 after an additional four years of part-time study, she Graduated with Distinction in her Masters of Health Practice, Physiotherapy which has armed her with the skills and knowledge to sucessfully rehabilitate even the most complex injuries. Kendall describes her physiotherapy approach as interactive and hands on where she uses a range of manual therapy techniques, joint mobilisations, joint manipulations, needling, massage and exercise prescription to help patients achieve and exceed their health goals. She is also very passionate about injury prevention, movement screening and independent patient management. Her physiotherapy practice resonates the core Bespoke Values. She looks forward to helping you reach your full health potential and live the life you love!

Georgia Harris

Georgia was also born and bred in sunny Gisborne (just down the road from Kendall!). Georgia has been involved in high level representative swimming, surf lifesaving and cross country which led to various injuries and numerous physiotherapy visits. Consequently, this fuelled her passion to begin a career that would help others return to doing what they loved.

After completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) in 2017, she made the move to Christchurch Hospital as a rotational physiotherapist. Throughout her time there she gained experience in intensive care, respiratory and orthopaedics providing an excellent all-round base to her knowledge.

Georgia has been working at Bespoke Physiotherapy & Health since the beginning of 2018 and was the lead physiotherapist for the Te Wharekura o Mauao first 15 premier rugby team this season. Georgia has a wide range of experience with managing both acute and chronic injuries.

Georgia’s physiotherapy approach involves both hands-on and exercise prescription to make sure patients are getting the most out of every aspect physiotherapist’s have to offer.

Georgia is picking up some post-graduate study this year. She will be completing her year long certificate in Western Acupuncture through Auckland University of Technology.

Rochelle Buys
Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Rochelle graduated with a Bachelors of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2011.  After graduating she worked in public and private hospitals as well as clinical settings gaining experience in a wide variety of physiotherapy practice.

She lived and worked in New Plymouth for almost 3 years after relocating to NZ in early 2017. She enjoys treating musculoskeletal conditions and in 2015 successfully completed her post- graduate certificate in Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapy (OMT). Her other professional interests include Dry needling and exercise-based rehabilitation.

Since arriving on our shores, Rochelle has been loving the blend of exciting outdoor adventures and arts and culture experiences New Zealand has to offer, and with her recent move to the sunny Bay of Plenty she hopes to spend more time outdoors and exploring this beautiful region.

In her off-time Rochelle enjoys tramping, skiing, travelling and spending quality time with loved ones.

Rochelle has also recently been accepted into the New Zealand PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program. Rochelle will complete her PINC qualification this year which will enable to provide specialised physical rehabilitation to women affected by cancer. Stay tuned for further updates!

Stephanie Wright
Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Introducing you to our Senior Physiotherapist Stephanie graduated from the University of Otago in 2011 with Distinction in a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She then began her career in the public health setting in Wellington, gaining experience in a wide variety of areas including post-operative and orthopaedics, cardiorespiratory and neurorehabilitation. The lure of the beautiful Bay of Plenty weather and easy going lifestyle saw Steph return to her hometown in 2014, where she has gained a depth of experience working in private practice. Steph has also worked alongside several Bay of Plenty Rugby teams including the Woman’s Rugby Sevens and Volcanix team.

Steph’s repertoire of post-graduate qualifications include APPI Pilates matwork level 1, Polestar Reformer Pilates leve 1 & 2 along with her Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. Steph enjoys combining both manual therapy and an exercise-based approach to restore function and help her patients keep doing the things they love. Steph’s Pilates training helps to compliment this approach as she likes to restore movement and look at the whole person. Steph has also gained experience treating people with persistent pain and is able to assess and treat people with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

In her spare time, Steph loves getting out for a run, climbing Mauoa and enjoying our beautiful beaches with her daughter and husband.

Jake Brettkelly

Introducing our newest Bespoke Recruit Jake Brettkelly. Jake is excited to have moved back home to the Bay of Plenty after spending the last few years down in Christchurch and Dunedin completing his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Otago University. In Jakes final year of study, he spent time at local private practices and in the Christchurch hospital while also gaining valuable experience working alongside the Christchurch Sumner Colts rugby team.

While studying, Jake quickly found that his passion and interests aligned with working in a private practice and being able to interact and help clients with their rehab and fitness needs.

Jake really enjoy the social and interactive aspect of the job and is looking forward to getting to know his Bespoke clients and helping them along their physiotherapy journey.

Jake believes in the importance of a holistic approach due to there being many different factors that contribute to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Jake’s success with clients comes down to a combined approach of education, hands-pn manual therapy and exercise prescription.


This year, Jake will be working with the Te Puna Rugby Football Club as the Development Team and JMC Physiotherapists.

Getting to know Jake “I have a real passion for sports and in particular basketball, whether it is playing competitively or just socially with friends. I’m pretty active in my spare time and like to spend it with family and friends at the beach, exploring our amazing country, or playing basketball, golf or going skiing.

I am excited to join the bespoke tribe and look forward to working with everyone”.


Michael Wilson

Introducing our newest Bespoke recruit Mike! Mike was born and raised in the beautiful BOP. He grew up locally in Bethlehem and Te Puna and spent his childhood outdoors playing as many sports as he could and keeping as active as possible.

It was Mike’s passion for sport and science that led him to study physio at AUT in Auckland. After graduating in 2016 he then headed home and started honing his musculoskeletal skills working locally in private practice alongside our Bespoke Director Kendall. While developing a solid foundation of manual therapy skills, Mike found a love for exercise based rehabilitation and facilitating people to move and function at their best doing the things they love.

Mike has a passion for getting into the gym or out on the field and working alongside teams and athletes of all disciplines. He spent his first few years mainly working with Tauranga Sports rugby as well as multiple other clubs along with representative work with the BOP U15s Rugby squad. Mike has a strong strength and conditioning background and believes it’s hugely important for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

in 2019 Mike made the move to the UK where he worked in busy hospital outpatient clinics in London and the Isle of Man gaining loads of knowledge on orthopaedics and chronic pain. He then relocated to Canada to be closer to his partner and learnt valuable skills working with the elderly in an aged care facility. They have both recently returned home to Tauranga and are super excited to be back!

Mike has been appointed as the lead physiotherapist for the Te Puna Rugby Premier team this year – be sure to say hi when you see him feild side down at our local Maramatanga Park.

Outside the clinic you will find Mike getting outdoors hitting our amazing beaches, swimming, playing backyard cricket, and snowboarding.

Siobhan Hall
Senior Massage Therapist

Hi I’m Siobhan and I’m very pleased to be the newest addition to the Bespoke team!

I have been in the massage industry for approximately 10 years and during this time I have completed several post-graduate courses including myofascial release, scoliosis patterns, temporomandibular (jaw) techniques, sports massage, lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy along with formal training block through the Wellington School of Massage, specialist in neuromuscular treatment.

I believe in tailoring massage to individual needs based on lifestyle, injuries, fitness levels and sports involvement.  Having completed a number of marathons myself, I understand the importance of muscle integrity and health to prevent injury.


Siobhan has worked alongside our Director Kendall for six years previously in another physiotherapy clinic and she is incredible skilled in both treating and managing patients with acute and chronic injuries.

Siobhan and her husband Phil have recently returned to Tauranga after living in Japan for 2 and half years.  Siobhan enjoys leading a healthy and active lifestyle. When she’s not working at Bespoke – you will find her climbing the Mount, joining into one of our Bespoke Yoga or Pilates classes or enjoying her time running outdoors.

You will also see Siobhan out at our front desk at Bespoke as she does a few hours a week helping out our amazing reception team.

Will Jordan
Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

Introducing the newest member to our Bespoke Tribe, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist – Will Jordan. Will is a Western BOP local through and through, having grown up just down the road in Katikati and he completed his secondary school education at Bethlehem College.

Will completed his massage therapy training down in Invercargill, graduating with a Diploma in Remedial and Sports massage at SIT. It was here that Will developed his massage skills and specialised in neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. During Will’s time down, he worked with the Southland Stags and Southland B’s rugby teams and the Southern Steel netball team providing him with valuable sports experience. More recently, Will has been involved with working with our NZ 7s teams down at the World Series in Hamilton.

Prior to completing his massage diploma, Will had been working in the fitness and health industry for four years as an Exercise Scientist and Personal Trainer. Will graduated from AUT in 2016 with his Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, majoring in Exercise Science. Will has experience in high performance sports environments and has worked with high calibre teams including the NZ Breakers, where he was involved in strength, conditioning and rehabilitation.

Will is a sports nutter himself, having played more sports than you can point a stick at. His sporting accolades include football, cricket, touch rugby and volleyball. Will is half Kiwi, half French and love spending time in France improving his French and spending time with family.

After being involved in sport from a very young age and subsequently being subject to many injuries I have developed a passion for rehabilitation and recovery as well as injury prevention and strive to deliver these services at a high level through both massage therapy and personal training.

Claudia Bottinelli
Pilates Instructor

Introducing our amazing Chilean Pilates Instructor Claudia.

Claudia brings a wealth of Pilates knowledge to Bespoke, having practiced Pilates for the last 20 years! Claudia initially discovered the magic of Pilates back in the year 2000 when she was finishing her Degree in Business Engineering in Chile and has been hooked ever since.

Once Claudia had climbed the professional ladder in her career and traveled the globe, she decided to pursue her passion for Pilates. She made the big move to Australia with her family in 2008 in order to improve her English which would enable her to study the Pilates method.

In 2012, it all fell into place for Claudia – she met her soul mate, improved her English, gained her Pilates certificate and started her family.

Claudia’s first Pilates Qualification was in Beginner & Intermediate Matwork from the Australian Pilates Academy. In 2013, she went on to gain a certificate in Pre and Post Natal Pilates with the same academy. In 2019, she completed the Comprehensive Pilates Rehabilitation & Reformer course under Polestar Pilates.

Claudia’s recipe to good health is regular Pilates, a balanced diet, good sleeping habits, plenty of sunshine & fresh air along with a balanced lifestyle.

Ana Vieira
Yoga Instructor

Ana is a Mama of twins, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and Family Constellation facilitator.

She is known for bringing her own style of teaching – strong, but very fluid!

Ana applies yoga and healing techniques to her practice to promote more fluid living with a flexible mind and a conscious body. She has led workshops, yoga trainings and retreats to audiences from all walks of life.

Ana’s mission is to inspire others to become healthier, happier and promote empowerment within the individual. She believes everyone is powerful beyond measure and we all have everything we need in order to thrive and succeed; we just need to go beyond the layers of our own beliefs, discover our true selves and just be.

Studying the ancient traditions of Yoga, Meditation, and Tantra since 1998, she holds qualifications in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, recently trained Embodied Flow™ and is studying Yoga Medicine applied to Vinyasa Yoga.

Ana is a truly inspirational Yoga facilitator with an offering of deep sincerity, knowledge and many years of experience.

Jayne Caldwell-Smith
Office Manager and Receptionist

Jayne made the big move with her family to the beautiful Bay of Plenty in 2016 after 30 years of living in Taupo and she is pretty chuffed to now call Tauranga home.

Jayne’s outgoing personality is contagious and she has extensive experience working in the health sector. Jayne has plenty of strings to her bow ranging from volunteer work on the St John Ambulance to instructing NZQA First Aid courses.

You will often be greated by Jaynes warm smile when you walk into the door at Bespoke. Jayne is fondly referred to as our “Momager” at Bespoke and helps to keep us all in line – everyone needs a Jayne in their life!

Jayne thrives in her role and loves meeting new people.

In her time off, Jayne enjoys spending time with her friends and family, camping, photography, bike riding and travelling.

Karien Van Greunen

Karien joined the Bespoke Tribe in June 2020. When you arrive at Bespoke, you will be welcomed by her charismatic smile and South African accent. Karien is a valuable member to our admin team and helps to keep us all in line (which I can assure is not an easy feat). She joins forces with our Clinic Manager Jayne and they both work part-time as our front of house team.


Karien and her family immigrated from South Africa to New Zealand in 2019 and now loving call Aotearoa home.  Karien has her earnt her stars and stripes in the health care sector, having worked in the administration side of it for most her working life. She enjoys the challenges that learning a whole new system bring and has a knack for helping clients out.

Karien and her family enjoy the freedom and beautiful nature New Zealand has to offer.  The family is often out on a camping trip, bicycle ride, kayaking or walking the family dog, Fraser.  Karien loves gardening, cooking and relaxing with family and friends on weekends.

Her garden is nothing short of amazing and we can completely credit the survivorship of all our Bespoke plant babies to her green fingers!