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Class Bookings

All of our classes can be booked online and can be attended on a casual/concession or ongoing membership basis. To book in a class, you will first need to sign up for a membership and then all bookings can be managed through our online portal or app.

Class Descriptions


Harness the benefits of a functional high intensity work out with our 45 minute circuit sessions. These classes are designed by our quality Bespoke Personal Trainers for people who want to build the foundations of a strong body and mind for everyday life. These small group sessions are targeted to improve your movement competency, muscle strength, power and fitness and are suitable for a wide range of abilities. Be prepared to get sweaty with this one!


Our mat Pilates classes aim to improve core strength, movement efficiency and muscle flexibility. You will be guided through a series of different mat-based exercises that are performed in a slow and controlled manner with breath control. With a range of beginner to advanced classes, we have you covered.


Is the perfect blend between our Bespoke Pilates and Yoga classes. This juicy fusion blends the strength foundations of Pilates with the flexibility postures and breath control of yoga to give you the complete package. In this class you will learn a range of traditional yoga poses along with fundamental pilates strengthening exercises. Lengthen and strengthen your way to a better version of you! The class wraps up with a grounding Savanyasa pose. We promise you won’t be disappointed with this Bespoke blend!


A flowing style of yoga that will have you moving from pose to pose in a sequence with your breath. Music will be played in the background to help you find your natural rhythm. This class is suitable to all levels as a range of options will be given. Leave feeling lengthening, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Our new Restore classes have been expertly programmed by our highly qualified physiotherapists and personal trainers and have a pre-hab/rehab focus. These classes target the fundamental pillars for injury prevention and rehabilitation including core strength, balance, joint range of motion and muscle flexibility. The class opens with a small strength block which targets your key core stabilises and finishes on a mobility block to keep your bod moving! Our restore props often include rollers, stretch bands and trigger point balls.


Our small group Reformer Pilates classes utilise the spring-controlled resistance on the machines to provide a full body workout. Reformer Pilates is great for improving your muscle strength, flexibility and endurance. We offer a range of classes that cater for various levels of ability. We strongly encourage those who are new to the reformer to attend a private session prior to joining a class.

Can’t see a class that suits your schedule? Touch base with our friendly team and let them know what you would love to see added to our timetable.