Casual or concession to suit your needs

Physiotherapy Appointments

ACC appointmentPrivate appointment
30 Minutes$35$70
45 Minutes$50$100
60 Minutes$65$130

Physiotherapy prices are inclusive of all consumables used throughout the session ie massage cream, strapping, acupuncture needles.

Yoga & Mat Pilates (60 mins)

Online classesKoha/Donation
10 class concession$150 ($15 per class)
20 class concession$280 ($14 per class)

All 10 class concessions to be used within three months and all 20 class concessions to be used within six months.

Reformer Pilates Class

10 class concession$250 ($25 per class)
20 class concession$480 ($24 per class)

Unlimited Month Class Pass

Unlimited access to all Pilates, Yoga & Circuit classes for the month$200

Prices for one on ones, couples sessions, small group sessions and corporate sessions for personal training, pilates and yoga are available on request.


30 mins$55
45 mins$75
60 mins$90
90 mins$125

Personal Training & Private Yoga/Pilates Sessions

45 minute Personal Training, Private Pilates or Private Yoga sessions$60
60 minute Private Personal Training, Private Pilates or Private Yoga sessions$75
4 week Personal Training Bundle
Includes a 4 week individualized training program plus 4 x 60 min consultations with Will per week for four weeks


Online consultations coming soon!
Initial consultation + In clinic testing – 1 hour

This is a 60minute consultation. At this appointment an extensive health history is gathered as well as analysis of your current health, diet and health goals. In clinic testing including BIA, blood pressure, nutrient deficiencies.

Report of findings – 45 mins

An insightful report all about you and your body. Your report of findings will explain to you what is happening in your body, why you are feeling the way you do and I will provide you with a simple and effective wellness plan to work towards greater health.

Progress/Follow up appointments – 30 mins

These appointments are a crucial part of your treatment. They help to hold you accountable, address what is working and what is not, to track progress and make adjustments to wellness plan and supplementation where necessary.

The full lifestyle package

Initial Consult                            (week 1)
Report of Findings                    (week 2)
2 x Follow up Appointments   (week 4 & 8)
1 x One-on-One Yoga                (week 3 or 6)


Shockwave Therapy 

3 session bundle$260
Top up session$85