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Ice Bath Lids and Covers


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Introducing our Bespoke Ice Thermal Bath Lids and new Weatherproof Cover!

Our insulated lids are designed to keep your ice bath cooler for longer and improve water hygiene between uses. They feature the same high quality, triple layered TPE as our Bespoke Ice baths. The lids are designed to float on the water surface in the bath and create a lose seal between the upper air ring of the bath and the air ring of the lid, providing a thermal bridge between the water and external elements. Our ice bath lids assist with holding the water at a steady temperature for an additional two hours and will keep bugs and debris out of your ice bath.

Please note – due to the tight packaging, it can take a couple of days for the lid to fully expand and take shape once inflated. We recommend using a hand pump to achieve full inflation and a tighter fit in the bath.

Dimensions: suitable for all ice baths with a 75-80cm diameter
Material: triple layered TPE + an inflatable external ring

We have also welcomed a nylon weatherproof cover to our range! This lid is designed to fully enclose the top ring of your bath to keep debris out. It comes with a drawstring, ensuring a weather-tight fit across ice baths ranging from 70cm diameter to 80cm diameter. Can be used in combo with our thermal ice bath lid or by itself.

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